About Us

We are CONSULTO We care about your heath!

Our Story

Despite the availability of high-standard, innovative treatments at centers for excellence in many parts of the world, this level of medical expertise has limited availability in the Middle East and North Africa. Equipped with a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, access to a global network of medical centers in all medical specialties, and innovative health information technologies, we are poised to lead in the accessibility of treatment plans, supporting patient care with the best opinions available.

Our Mission

Empowered by technology And digital health solutions, consulto will connect patients and their physicians with the best treatment centers worldwide to arrive at targeted treatment alternatives and the best clinical decisions. consulto relies on the power of data processing to facilitate rapid decision making. We know how crucial timing can be in clinical decisions.

Our Vision

Is to provide informed and knowledgeable second opinion medical consultations from doctors worldwide, regardless of geographic location.

Our Values

We carry out our vision with care and passion. We listen carefully to understand our customers’ needs. We seek out and offer up expertise. We pursue global cooperation in treatment.